Name Shay Garvey
Title Partner
Organization Frontline Ventures
Location Ireland
Speaking at: Angel Investing in the Social Investment space; can we do more?
Bio Shay Garvey has been Partner at Frontline Ventures since June 2012. Before this he had a varied career over 30 years in both US corporates and in private equity, start ups and early stage technology investment mainly focusing in Ireland and the UK. Shay believes that social networks are changing the way people and organisations work. For this reason his investments concentrate on innovation led companies both in the private/VC sector and non profit/social entrepreneurship. More than anything he believes that social enterprises are becoming more and more sophisticated and higher performing than private sector enterprises because of their multiple and constant challenges. Shay has been Chairman of the Irish Venture Capital Association 2005/2006; Member of the Harvard Business School Leadership Council in Europe (2004-2009) and Director of the Science Gallery at TCD (2012). He carries a BA in Chemical Engineering from University College Dublin, an MA from the University of New Brunswick and an MBA from Harvard Business School.